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About Us                                          A noncompetition school                                                                                                     Excellence without the expense

Bayside School of Dance has been in business for more than 45 years.  

Bayside School of Dance lives by the philosophy that dance education is essential to human development.  As individuals we enjoy music and movement, but dance classes offer so much more to building character. For the small child, dance develops motor skills, coordination, a sense of rhythm and social skills through interaction with other children.  These skills are built upon as the child matures, and a sense of discipline and good self worth are learned.  The opportunities to be on stage yield confidence as well as grace, poise, and self assurance.  Dance is also being correlated to better scores in academics, especially math and science. As we mature into adults and senior citizens, we know how much exercise matters to our overall well being.  Whether you are struggling with obesity, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, depression (and the list goes on), doctors tell you to exercise. Dance classes also offer a great way to continue to stimulate the mind with the memorization of dance steps.  It has been proven to ward off Alzheimer's disease.  Dance is exercise and it is fun!!!



"Please Join Bayside School Of Dance to enter a lifelong dancing community where you will build friendships, learn technique and have the opportunity to experience over 6 styles of dance and develop skills you will utilize throughout your entire life. At Bayside, you will learn from 2 teachers with over 30 years of experience teaching dance, in intimate and personal classes. We are a loving community and welcome one and all to enter the rewarding world of dance."                                                                            - Ellen Phillips  2019

"A big "thank you!" for welcoming my child so warmly to the Saturday morning dance class.  I cannot tell you how many times she said she LOVED it as we left the studio."

Bayside Parent 2021

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